Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Research and Reading, Motherhood's First Steps

So you’re having a baby! .....What’s next?  Between creating gift registries, attending baby showers, readying a nursery, exercising, maintaining relationships with our partner, baby moons, doctor appointments, dealing with our blossoming bodies and midnight cravings, COULD YOU SQUEEZE MORE INTO NINE MONTHS?  I say yes!

What could you be missing, RESEARCH! 

When women find out they are pregnant, one of the first steps they take is to make an appointment with an OBGYN (obstetrician/ gynecologist) generally recommended via word of mouth by a friend or family member.  But why do ‘we’ do this?  Did you know there are other options besides this one?  This article isn’t about hospital vs. homebirth or epidural vs. natural, it’s about stressing the importance of taking a proactive role in your own care.  This doesn’t mean that you know better than a care provider who has gone through medical school/training, BUT that you know you can ask questions, can make INFORMED decisions, and can participate in conversations about your OPTIONS. 

After all we are consumers.  We are choosing a provider albeit a hospital/birth center/midwife and they are performing a service for us.   Hospitals give tours and OBs and Midwives do free of charge interviews for first time clients.  They want our business.  And we want the best!

Ask yourself this, how long did you research the phone you bought?  How about your house?  How many houses did your realtor show you before you decided on one?  How many cars did you test drive?  How many different tiles did you look at for your bathroom?  The point is, we spend a lot of time researching THINGS but do not necessarily put as much effort into researching health choices.  The obvious reason for this is, we trust.  We trust that the doctor knows best.

With any profession there are less and more experienced.  There are people who are called to a profession that have a talent for it, and those that do a job.  The great thing about being a consumer is that YOU GET TO CHOOSE.  Take advantage of that! 

Childbirth is one aspect of a woman’s life that she will remember forever.  There have been several studies done where women are assessed immediately after birth, and many years later, recalling her experiences exactly; down to the smell and temperature of her room.   I inspire you to make the time to learn about your options.   You want to have a fantastic memory if it’s going to be with you forever!

Here is a list I have compiled for suggested reading.  They are purposely chosen to show a variety of options and information.    The great thing about books is that there is not only one author.  For every one subject there are a dozen points of views, opinions and “experts”.   Our job is to read through it all and discern what is important to us.   Take the time, you deserve it!

Congratulations on the impending birth of your new little one! 
 Ashley Morrow

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