Saturday, December 15, 2012

Complementary and Alternative Practitioner

Herbal Gardens Wellness provides Wellness and Life Coaching Assessments and Services. Our services provide the opportunity for an assessment of your current life in 8 focus areas to find solutions to your concerns, and steps to meet your goals. We will provide you with time management techniques, simple steps to meet your goals, and connectivity education to help you transition your life for improvements.  We provide services to the general public as well as to our clients with serious health concerns such as cancer, diabetes, and cleft palates that are referred by their physicians.

What can you expect on your first visit? Tea or Reverse Osmosis Water, Fresh Fruit, and an intake process with our CAM practitioner similar to your traditional annual checkup, with one exception. You meet with the practitioner directly participating in the questions, and information. We will also conduct a palliative survey to check on any aches or pains and to check your level of energy.  Your follow up visit will consist of recommendations that fit your guidelines and budget. We suggest a donation or trade at your comfort level.

We also offer nutrition analysis, dietary inquiry, and dietary planning with your culture and preferences in line with the adjustment to change. We also offer meditation, journal, and yoga lessons.  We offer herbal medicines in tinctures, salves, teas, and poultices. Our Holistic Health and Wellness fees for the general public begin at $65 per session, with an initial Holistic Health Intake consultation of 1.5 hours at a rate of $130. We work with clients who are referred to us by a Health Care Professional with a suggested donation of $20 per hour, and we will also work with trade. All fees and donations are tax deductible. We are accepting clients. Visit our contact page on our website for further information on scheduling an appointment with us today!

Rae Kochis Clark
Holistic Health Practitioner| Summa Cum Laude, Certificate; Front Range Community College
AAS Holistic Health| Magna Cum Laude, Degree; Front Range Community College
Yoga Therapist| Summa Cum Laude; Certificate; International Association of Yoga Therapists
Yoga Instructor| Summa Cum Laude Certificate; Front Range Community College
                             Registered; Yoga Alliance
Integrative Healthcare|Summa Cum Laude; Metropolitan State University