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Compassion, Love, & Healing;

Supporting Your Journey is Our Mission.

We provide care with compassion, love, and laughter as we work with you on your journey toward healing and wellness.  Our client's benefit from our personal experiences with healing and wellness. We offer Wellness Coaching Assessments to help you discover your goals in 12 life areas.  We will then work with you providing support and education for time management, communication, and goal accomplishment.  Our clients receive solutions to their life concerns through our personalized care and network of alternative health care providers while coordinating with traditional western medicine physicians.  We provide listening, consideration, and compassion to each client and the members of their family. We are here to help you learn how to ease loneliness, sadness and stress to promote healing from within yourself.

We have no competitors. We are happy to refer to an alternate practitioner for a better fit for you, our client. We have a referral system built with other professionals such as counselors, licensed massage therapists, Qi Gong, Art and Music Therapy and others among our referral group.  We also offer connectivity events including Hand Building (Pottery), Journal, Local Farm Trips, Mountain Outings, Nutrition Classes including food preparation for vegan meals, Gardening, and Herbal Remedies. We are excited to continue to offer our newest contribution Doula Wisdom, a resource for mother's ages 21-40 looking for information on natural childbirth.

Our current clients work with us due to our built trust in our relationship.  We offer reliability and personalized services that are tailored to identify, organize, and meet your goals. We are committed to coaching our clients toward understanding, balance, and peace in their lives. We are now a non profit organization working towards raising our operations costs as to provide affordable natural alternative and complementary medicine and health care for our clients.

"We Don't spell out the advantages, because we are confident you will feel them." -HGW Confidence Statement

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