Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Hakini Mudra for Focus

The Hakini Mudra

          Written by Little Flower

Distractions are present everywhere, everyday. 

At home, at work, at the gym, in our pocket and in our minds. 

How do we regain focus and control when this world becomes chaotic with interfering distractions? 

The Hakini Mudra is one answer.

How to:

Touch the corresponding fingertips of the left to the right. Fingers straight, but relaxed. Fingers spaced out. Now, as we go into meditation together, feel where your fingertips meet and the space created between your palms. Take a deep breath in... and let it go. Repeat this deep breathe several times until relaxation sets in.


According to Gertrud Hirschi in "Mudras - Yoga in your Hands," this finger position brings the two hemispheres of the brain together as the two hands are brought together. It also increases, improves and deepens respiration - flooding the brain with oxygen to improve functioning.


When I have troubles focusing on meditation - due to all of those distractions - this mudra helps to gently bring my focus back to the practice. It has been extremely powerful.


Give it a try! (:



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